Was Epstein’s ‘Suicide’ a Scapegoat Ritual?

Sep 13, 2019

In Biblical times, it was common for societies to put the blame for their sins and failures on a goat and then sacrifice the goat to the gods to cleanse their guilt. Tuthstream Media suggests that Epstein was intended to be that goat for hypersexualization of children in today’s society. Instead of the sacrifice, however, there was a change in plan, and he was ‘suicided’ and not delivered to justice. This was done, not only to prevent trial depositions from revealing the names of high-profile celebrities and government officials who would have been drawn into the net, but to make people feel helpless and passive, knowing that the justice system is corrupt. The moral fabric of society is being ripped apart to allow corruption in high places, destruction of moral values, and the normalization of hyper-sexualization of children. The old order does not resist if it believes that these things now are normal and resistance is futile. Published by Truthstream 2019-8-20.  [Source]  [Cached]

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  1. Jon

    You are assuming he is dead. Big mistake. We have zero evidence of anything just a tale… He is in all likelihood worth more alive then dead.

  2. Larry

    I agree with Jon, Epstein is alive and well and has a new face that none of us will recognize. He is worth much more alive than dead, and was whisked away to s safe haven and capable plastic surgeon ( who by the way should fear for his own life now). However, I predict that he will be discovered if and when any criminal indictments are handed down for pedophilia and child trafficking., especially against the Clintons or their close circle.

  3. david

    How could Epstein be dead when his last will and testament was signed and dated after he was declared dead. Is it possible his signature was forged. He never left a legacy for any family or anyone.

  4. Gilchrist

    Finally, nice to hear others realizing and speaking the OBVIOUS truth. ‘they’ always use the same kind of formula to manipulate the simple minded. Claim he committed suicide knowing everyone will think they are brilliant and state that he was murdered. All while we have relocated him to south america where he is living large. Its amazing how many people think they are so brilliant because they figured it out and know he was murdered. Uggh, and these are the ones on our side. Anyways, don’t feel stressed over the fact that epstein got away with his crimes. Justice doesn’t belong to us, It ALWAYS belongs to our Lord and Savior.

  5. Jon

    I agree with your statements, what evidence do we have that he is even dead? My question is simply this, why is Epstein worth more alive than dead? That is a sincere question.

    • Gerard

      Why is it that we assume that any part of the narrative is true? Why start from the premise that “J.E. didn’t kill himself?” He might be alive and well and living in (name a country).

  6. Gilchrist

    Its not a matter of whether he is worth more alive vs dead. Its a matter of why do they need to lock up or kill their friend who has managed ‘their’ fantasy playground for so long when they can just let him back out to continue doing the ‘good work’ he’s been doing for them. With all due respect, the general public are quite simple minded and very easy to manipulate. So just break him out and set him up elsewhere. Not to mention that who would you get to replace him? Somebody new that you couldn’t trust, especially when they would be aware of what you did to epstein. Brake jeffy out and he’ll be even more loyal to you. Eastern europe could be a potential location for him due to the number of girls that they take from there. However, my guess would be south america as its climate is more welcoming and now that hitler has finally died off his compound would be available. lol.

    All joking aside, I am a little concerned about this website if mr griffin continues to push the ‘he was murdered’ theory. Unfortunately I feel like all our news sources are becoming less reliable. Mike adams who i once loved and respected seems to have gone off the deep end and is strongly pushing the panic button claiming cv19 is killing soooo many yada, yada, yada, when proof of CV19 even existing is very weak at best. And most that have been listed as casualties under the cv19 umbrella have clearly passed due to other circumstances including stroke, old age, regular annual flu/pneumonia, pollution, and even some evidence that hyped up 5G (actually 6G) has been tested on and done in some in china. All of these cases have been reported by gov’t’s and tv as cv19. As for alex ‘infowars’ jones, always thought he was a nit, but his site was first to report stories that often proved to be true. Today some of his site says WHO, gov’t’s, china are all lying about the number of cv19 victims stating way too low. And other stories on his site says cv19 is a hoax, which evidence is now mounting to support that line of thinking. Seems like info overload, and getting difficult to know whom to trust. Although usually safe to go with opposite of MSM and gov’t. Sorry for babbling on and on. Peace and love to all.

    • Nemo

      I’m feeling the same way.
      One question, if anyone knows, why don’t the Naturalnews articles have comments anymore? There was always a lot more pertinent information there than in some of the rather biased articles.

    • Kim Sabat

      Man do I hear you. I think many feel the same about accurate thinking. Keep verifying your details and remain as clear as you can be. But remember we are all human as well and intuition has a role to play also <3

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