Who Changed America from a Republic into a Financial Empire?

May 22, 2020


Money may not be the root of all evil, but debt-based money IS the root of the economic evil now descending on America. That’s the message from Damon Vrabel, a graduate of Harvard Business School and former Wall Street executive. This presentation shatters the myth that America is the home of the competitive free-market when, in fact, long ago it abandoned that economic model and replaced it with the monopoly-market model found in socialist, communist, and fascist systems. Americans who are not aware of this are prone to blame today’s economic woes on free-enterprise capitalism. They call for state intervention and control without realizing that is precisely what is causing the present economic crisis. How this came about and who engineered it – including their names and organizational affiliations – are included. We also get to see where the system is headed and why it cannot change its course – as long as it remains the system it is. They do not teach this at Harvard. 2014 Jul 25 – Source: Daniel 12_4

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  1. Angelo villella

    Very informative , but also very depressing, next question how do you stop it?

    • m.raz

      If we want to reform the government, we have to give people more than promises. We have to guarantee that government will not dominate the people but serve the people. The guarantee could be a declaration signed by every member of the government and every state employee stating that “If I betray the nation, if I steal from the nation, if I do anything fraudulent knowingly, I do Know and accept there will be only one punishment, death”. This will require a new political party from the people, willing to guarantee honesty in the government. How many will refuse to vote for a future president willing to guarantee the honesty of government with his life?




  2. Gem

    I listened to the first lesson, I think he is right but it is depressing. Not a lot we can do about it, I am trying to make a difference. I knew this Chinese virus thing is a big step towards the destruction of what freedoms we have left.

  3. Angelina

    I was thrust into the corporate world and revolted against it in every fibre of my being. After raising a family I returned to work and am still working although older. My spouse busted his rear-end up at 3:15 every morning, trudged off to work in the bitter cold and sweltering heat – year after year. Now after paying into the system his entire life he can’t afford to see a doctor, in spite of paying $1200 a month for health insurance. I went to Urgent Care and the only people in there were Mexicans. I watched as one after another handed over their Medicaid card. Yet when they got to me, I was told that I had to pay $75 copay in addition to my $1500 a month health insurance. I left in tears, unable to afford it.

    What kind of country have we become where Americans who have paid into the system their entire lives, are now older and can’t afford basic medical care, while foreigners waltz into the country are handed FREE medical care that WE HAVE TO PAY FOR.

    My family member works as a pharmacy tech and told me old men on Medicare walk away from the counter crying, unable to afford their diabetes medication while old Mexican men on Medicaid walk away smiling, because Americans are handing him free prescriptions.

    America is sick now. I don’t know what to do but we’re drowning and if we don’t act soon we’re going under for the 3rd time. I think we’ve been under twice already.

  4. Angelina

    Let me clarify: My family member is a pharmacy tech who said old AMERICAN MEN walk away from the counter crying, unable to afford their prescriptions while old MEXICAN MEN walk away smiling, because he gets all his prescriptions for free.

    Americans are being discriminated against and we had better act. I was prepped for surgery and the hospital told my husband he had to pay a $500 copay in addition to our $1300 a week health insurance bill. My husband scrambled to pay it because the hospital STOPPED MY SURGERY EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CRITICAL. In that same hospital were foreigners – mostly Mexicans, in negative pressure rooms with TB running up multimillion dollar hospital bills and they weren’t asked to pay a cent. …

    America has been damaged in every respect. People – we had better take action today because the America we once knew is already 2/3 of the way gone. If we are to salvage anything of America we’d better do it TODAY.

  5. Angelina

    The militarized police force is dangerous. Police assassinated my neighbor’s unarmed grandson. Then NJ state police sexually molested my friend’s beautiful daughter. They brutalized her and charged HER with a crime to intimidate her into silence. It worked. They tampered with the video, and cut out portions of the tape but you could still see what they were doing. Nothing was done to them and they’re still patrolling the streets. Police beat up and robbed my brother. They beat up my friend’s neighbor’s son so bad he had to be hospitalized. I spoke with a receptionist from a local law office who told me police ripped out the voice box of a man.

    People – don’t tell me you know some nice cop – so do I – but psychopaths are drawn to the job (see Forbes top 10 list of jobs that attract psychopaths) and trust me – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ONE THING WRONG AND YOU CAN BE KILLED OR RAPED BY OUT OF CONTROL POLICE.

    Serpico was the tip of the iceberg. YOU MUST ACT TO STOP THIS MILITARIZATION OF POLICE. I began following the issue and was shocked at the crimes being committed by police. They are robbing, raping, and murdering with impunity.

    Someone needs to organize to stop this. I’m older and am trying to do what I can. I constantly email legislators complaining about it but more has to be done. Maybe you’ll believe me and be ready to act when police crack your skull…


    Thank you! I have felt for years that this is the way of things but didn’t understand how it works. Very informative.


    I have been saying for years we are serfs and we don’t realize it. I have not been interested in TV for most of my adult life. I do not want to watch violence or listen to negativity and be taught to be afraid of everything. Divide and conquer if you remember the saying? Republicans vs Democrats are a perfect example. Schools mostly teach our children to be sheep, not to think or be creative. Creativity is discouraged and the first classes eliminated (Art and Music) with budget cuts. Not that our teachers don’t try, they are restricted and have many mandates to comply with. I didn’t understand economics in college as it didn’t make sense, it didn’t seem fair. The government (and banks) don’t want small companies to succeed. I think this shutting down the country is more of another money grab and has divided us further. It could have been handled better than forcing people to close their businesses….that isn’t a democracy. You have validated my insights (and gut feelings)that I have had for years and I thank you. I hope people wake up and get out of debt as well. (p.s. I have used a credit union for 50 years.)

  8. Connie

    Connecting the dots. What a brilliant trip into reality this is. The question mark shown, that has since been filled by Trump. aligned to the Chinese ‘example’ that our western so-called democracies are emanating today with ‘pandemic lockdown’ resonated so loud with me that a huge penny dropped. What is often missing when trying to wake people up is what to do to get us out of this catastrophic psychological bubble in which the mindset of the majority reside. Here are the very basics to set this in motion but, if the global compliance in 2020 to top-down dictatorship is anything to go by, getting the message across to the sleeping masses is not going to happen until perhaps a 3rd world war is underway. I think, and hope, that this world war will actually be the people rising up against this top-down oppression and a new world order of a different kind emerges. If not, AI sooner rather than later will replace humanity with only the few left to oil their cogs.

  9. Henry Dodds

    I could not keep up with the speaker. Talks too fast

  10. Tom the boats

    After the civil war we lost our republic and were incorporated into a new model of government. That model led to our ruin and that and the Kennedy assassination over through our ability to choose freedom over state corporate fascism. Bad government all ways lead to the destruction of those that allow it. We are doomed now as there grip on our country is iron clad. Only reestablishing the constitional republic will save, That will not happen

  11. Henry Allen Bishop

    This is very interesting. God bless you for it.

  12. kim

    great post.. how can I download it?..thank you for sharing

    • G. Edward Griffin

      You will need to upload an app that does that. We use 4K Uploader – but there are others. Glad you like our site.

  13. Tony Dalben

    Had several undergraduate political science classes in college. The information on the monetary system included in this video, was never presented in class or mentioned in textbooks.

  14. Sal Livreri

    Is there a way to add a 10 sec rewind button to the video player? If one watches on the phone, it is virtually impossible to rewind by sliding the bar. I would really like to watch these informative videos.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Sorry, Sal. Don’t know of any way to do that unless the control is on the phone. Thanks for your interest. ~~GEG

  15. Duncan Phelps

    If you have ever even a little considered we exist in a simulation, you best not read the following: Since there exists proof we live in a partial simulation due to entities known as corporations, as many have actually signed up as a limited one (LLC)—thereby, if half is a “front,” fake [made up] or a simulation existing in only a 2 dimensional paper flat-Earth, how can the other half be real (comprised of 3 or more dimensions) and not also be [a party] ‘of’ that simulation? Only one reality can be true as to an existence! Or, is there a Matrix? Are you ‘The Blue Pill’ that same “person” as the contracted corporate person in maritime-Admiralty commerce—the straw-man—OR have you taken ‘The Red Pill’ and are you a living man or woman on the land? “Only the straw man can operate in commerce.” –M.E: Croft

    We all must face the question: Are you your body with a soul OR are you that devil’s commercial paper contractor? If body and soul dictates, rules, claims the straw man—that is one thing. But if the Straw man has power over and above that body, than the soul is mere secondary and becomes Satan-like/straws/chaff—like any owned BEAST and is so MARKED/numbered as chattel/a Human Resource—thereby it is to be tracked, used, and disposed of by Elite owners.

    Are you ruled by a corporation? Have you lost the power over your own flesh-blood-body? Will a corporation mandate that you be quarantined and given vaccinations so you will be judged safe for other entities?

    A corporation and/or a straw man cannot contract with another of the same. It must REPRESENT a living being in order to have a signed contract. This is the governing legal differentiation reason for an ALL CAPITAL LETTER name OR that of a Christian spelling with only a CAPITAL first letter. The two are different separate entities. By law, you are either a simulated representation OR you are a living being. This is perhaps the BIGGEST question AND choice in your life IF you are to have any meaning and purpose! Who are you? Which one are you? What is your identity? “Papers please.” Which entity has control over you? Go figure.

  16. Hope

    I read your letter it touched my heart with deep compassion thank you for sharing. May love and abundance surround you and your family forever and always. Our system is broken God only knows what will become of our futures.

  17. terry shead

    I must admit this is one of the best video’s I have ever viewed, I think I have viewed 5 times.

  18. Gary

    Dear Mr. Griffin,

    Unfortunately this important video has been removed. The media error that is display when the source is not found says, “Source: Daniel 12_4 / YouTube”. In the future, please try posting the source to the secure platform NewTube.app instead of YouTube. So, far other controversial videos that have been removed from youtube have thankfully remained on NewTube.app. I’m disappointed, but not surprised it’s gone. I really wanted to share the Red Pill University video with my friends and family. Hopefully it can be re-uploaded soon…

    Thank you for everything you do,

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Please check it again. The video plays just fine in the main screen where it comes from our servers, and also from the Original Source, which s YouTube. The presentation is quite good and I am sure your friends and family will enjoy it.

  19. Fredh

    One of the reasons of all this DEBt, is because of Pres. Kennedy allowing government employees to unionize. It use to be government employees were our servants. But in the last 50 years with the unions, they became the masters and the taxpaying private sector became the servants. On order, government employees make three times more than the taxpaying private sector. We in the private sector must work till we are 65 years old. Those in the government sector can retire after 20 to 25 years. Then they collect a pension and in some cases, their pensions are more then a lot of people in the private sector. In California, they can retire at 90 percent of their final salary.

  20. Milburn L. Bias

    Excellent expose of the true enemies of our Republic, Founding Documents, Individual, and National Sovereignty.
    The mentally ill notion that they are totally superior to everyone else on the planet;(so much as to use technology and computers to finish Hitlers Dream to breed a Genetically Superior Race,and to set up their Eugenics Society to rule the world is pure Evil)-Theosopic Criminality. I’m sure the Devil is pleased.If we must tear down the portions of their computer command and control grid to cripple total control, so be it! They must all be locked in the nut house. The left always attacks Jews and Christians using Chinese Bio Weapon Corona Virus shutting Church Prayer down. Newsome-China-Epstein-World Government Devil Cult Connections? Who knows??????

  21. Clothcap

    I thought I knew a fair bit about the financial system scam but Damon Vrabel showed this old dog a whole lot of new.
    Thanks for putting it out there.

  22. Co-reader

    I found my own definition for the system that works now for more than 200 years for achieving global governance over the enslaved population. I call it: “Global kapitalistic Bolshewism”, since Kapitalism and Bolshewism in the course uf history have proven to be the two sides of the same medal.

  23. G. Edward Griffin

    We do not agree that that capitalism and Bolshevism (Communism) are two sides of the same coin. Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, liberalism, progressivism, (on and on) are, indeed, all variants of the same thing called collectivism, but classic capitalism is not in that group. The problem is that capitalism in America was subverted over a hundred years ago and transformed into collectivism while all the while retaining the label of capitalism. True capitalism involves a free market and the near absence of government intervention in the economic and personal affairs of citizens. Look around you today and tell me where you find capitalism anywhere in the world. You can’t. It’s all one variant or another of state control from top to bottom – no matter what you call it. True capitalism is based on the ideology called individualism. I strongly urge you to check out my essay on this topic called The Chasm here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/freedomforce/pdf/futurecalling1.pdf

  24. Ryan Mills

    Very helpful. Knowing that our enemy viciously tricks and employs our friends can stop us from viewing our friends as our enemies.

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