Why the Theory of Evolution is So-o Unscientific

Jul 10, 2020


A.E. Wilder-Smith was a British university professor in the 1970s who challenged the theory of evolution between species on scientific grounds. He championed the theory of intelligent creation, not because of religious faith, but observation and logic. Aside from the technical issues, you will be intrigued by Professor Smith’s view of the consequences to society of believing something comes from nothing, which is the core premise of evolutionary origins. This message is not about the correctness of creationism but the absurdity of accidentism. This interview on Dutch TV was broadcast circa 1975. Source: Sprythings

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  1. Professor Falcon seeking

    Everything evolves in the temporal world. God makes His creation as he wills. Might as well be the theory of time. Changes. growth. An embryo evolves. Man evolves. Animals evolve… Theories evolve. science evolve.. Governments evolve… But Babylon seems to be the sticking point in the evolution of good and of evil. Babylon wants to be the evolver, the masculine,and creator, and get rid of God. They deny The Creator and want to create. Just like in the book of Jasher, and plenty of archaeological evidence, changing dna, genetically modifying everything.

  2. John Doran

    A book I thoroughly recommend:
    Our Occulted History Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?
    By genius journalist jim Marrs, RIP.
    Occulted is in the sense of deliberately hidden.

    Well referenced & indexed. From ancient Sumerian tablets, via the Old Testament to modern NASA scientists, this 2013 book presents a rather compelling case that Humans were created as a slave/servant/companion race by a bunch of warlike aliens who came to Earth to mine for gold.

    His 1998 book Alien Agenda is also well worth reading.

  3. David Stagg

    His argument is exactly the same as Dr Steven Meyer but 25 years earlier. And it is just as compelling. Without information life cannot exist. Atoms and molecules cannot self organise. Even a retired lawyer can see that. The mad world we live in today is the result. I am glad I am 73 and not 23.

  4. terry shead

    Would like to get his opinion on the 5 years on cancer, lets face it most people know that chemo an radiation don’t work, just kill you.

  5. Olga Deutsch

    Well, we are still left with the question of “Where did the Creator come from?”

  6. Edmund Roache

    The fact is that evolution by consecutive random point mutations acted on by natural selection is impossible because of the immense improbability of such a sequence to arise by chance. The mathematics of this is well understood, but unfortunately not by most biologists. Evolution does occur but not by the Darwinian mechanism of random chance and natural selection. It can be proved to be impossible. The genetic changes that do occur and that do lead to evolution are not random. They are intelligent adaptations of the genome to environmental stressors. The origin and operation of said intelligence is not known. Darwinism is appealing because it allows us to envision creation as a random process rather than a God directed process. The desire to avoid the idea of God is merely the desire to avoid accountability and responsibility for one’s actions to a Higher Power. Without God, man can do whatever it is he wants to do without a burden to his conscience. Following the evidence where it leads reveals that the God hypothesis is highly probable. It is only that we live in a darkened intellectual and spiritual age that so many have believed the opposite.

  7. Ron Corbyn

    The theory of evolution is based on observation and hypothesis testing, which is the scientific method. No serious scientist questions its validity because it has proved to have high predictive value.

  8. max

    The theory of evolution is an attempt to figure out and explain how new creatures come to exist in reality. Humans have observed new creatures come to exist, so the effort is not a completely frivolous and absurd one (as this video seems to claim). The notion that no new configurations of reality can come to exist via the basic observed processes of reality is obviously incorrect, because it is observed to be incorrect. Is there more to learn? Of course! Has every molecular change in the large series of molecular changes that is called an evolution of a creature been observed? No, because the number of changes is enormous and thus extremely difficult to document in complete detail and precision. But this doesn’t mean the alternative is the opposite … that molecular reactions never happen. That is an absurd notion, because thousands if not millions of molecular reactions have been observed.

    Sadly, humans live so much of their lives in various authoritarian environments that they begin to imagine that authoritarianism is a basic characteristic of reality, if not the most basic characteristic of reality. However, any objective look at reality reveals an enormous wealth of behaviors of reality that are not forms of authority or authoritarianism. To imagine that every aspect, change and characteristic of every subatomic and atomic and molecular entity in the universe is controlled by a consciousness somewhere is quite a huge leap of faith – one that requires a great many magically mechanisms (like how the consciousness or consciousnesses manage to emit fields that control every subatomic/atomic/molecular/aggregate entity. Yet many humans have too little patience to attempt to observe and categorize what can be detected in reality in a coherent attempt to characterize and make-sense of everything. And so, they throw up their hands and say “magic” … “a magic all-powerful being controls everything and everyone”. Which is, of course, just as much of an intellectual cop-out as those on the opposite end who claim they know the equations that control everything. The truth is, honest humans are still trying to figure out what’s happening … and why. It isn’t simple.

  9. Andrew Azariah

    Well said.Variations are interpreted as evolution by biologists. Macro-evolution is inadequate to account for the stupendous integrated, multi-system, irreducible complexity seen in the human body.

  10. anonymous

    God did not evolve. only His slanders and evil evolved. Our world has a beginning and end. of course, in all due course it changes. Science SHALL NEVER explain creation. Not without Jesus. He is the Beginning and End. God almighty, I cannot wait to hear and see how God never was created but creates and exists without being created. All man wants to do by evolution now is to create life….God The creator Who never was created and exists forever, IT IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE, by math science or meditation. HE IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE Our Creator. Amen.

  11. Zoe

    Perhaps God is not who or what you think “it” is.
    Rather, consciousness came first.
    Consciousness being intelligent, and like us, wants to know ……
    Nothing necessarily has to have created consciousness, it just exists: it is what existence is.
    As the saying goes, I think therefore I am (or something like that).

  12. Ron Corbyn

    In people minds – placed there by tradition, coercion, and even force – religion, which has become increasingly organized and oppressive, has been around apparently as far back as Neanderthal times 35,000 years to judge from archaeological finds. This belief in an all-powerful supreme being, as claimed by Judaism with its Christian and Islamic spin-offs, is what’s been giving mankind so much grief especially in the last 3000 years starting in Palestine.

  13. Michael Aerhd

    The most common phrase associated with the prevalent superficial knowledge on Darwinian evolutionary theory is, “Survival of the fittest”. When we are subtly conditioned to accept this idea as a fundamental premise of human progress we tend to forget the much more demonstrable fact that when humans cooperate we flourish. Alas, ‘natural selection’ has yet to equip us with a critical skill that would certaily help us wrap up The Kali Yuga more peacefully – the ability to discern who is psychopathic and who isn’t.

  14. Justine

    Six months ago ago I would have not believed what he was explaining. However since watching the video below last Dec, read the quoted review essay and discovered additional information such as a group of scientists that reject Darwinisn, I’ve requestioned my BELIEF system as an atheist and believer in expert scientists. Having been schooled in this culture through medical school and years of psychiatry training and a career in pharmaceutical research- I’ve come to the hard realization that most of my ‘knowledge’ and prior clinical practice is unsound, even harmful. Dissenting from Darwin is important, it is what broke the spell for me.




  15. Ben

    For an entertaining, well-researched, well-written version of how Darwin’s theory cannot be true, read “The Kingdom of Speech” by Tom Wolfe. Although not a scientist, Wolfe gains an overview and details of the science, including the original, primary sources of Darwin’s time in the form of letters and presentation to the science academies. The beauty of the book is that while Wolfe is lucid about the science, he also makes a story (what he imagines) about the characters. He lampoons Darwin. Then he goes afteer Noam Chomsky and the theory of “universal language”. It was Wolfe’s last book and his swan song.

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