60 Minutes Exposes Swine-Flu Hoax and Vaccine Injuries of 1976

May 8, 2020


This is a largely forgotten episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes in which the program’s lead reporter, Mike Wallace, exposes profound corruption and fraud at the highest levels of public-health agencies. The predictions of doom coming from these trusted sources caused public panic over a Swine Flu pandemic that never happened except in the dramatic reports of the media. Although there never was a surge of genuine Swine-Flu deaths, there definitely was a wave of vaccine injuries and deaths among the trusting victims who took the Swine Flu vaccine.  It is sobering to realize that everything exposed by Mike Wallace, including the vaccine injuries and deaths, was repeated in spades with the deployment of the Coronavirus pandemic. 1979 Nov 4 – Source: NotSunkYet / YouTube

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    • G. Edward Griffin

      Great sleuthing. Thanks.

  1. Judu

    Good info that needs to be passed on. People are living in fear that is setting us up for more dependence on the government and loss of our freedoms

  2. Gordon Claycomb

    If they did not add dangerous enhancements to the vaccines-so called ADJUVANTS- they might come up with a useful vaccine. Such additives as mercury and aluminimum are toxic! I was given 4 inoculations in one day with mercury -thiMERosal and came down with Gillaine Barre’ Syndrome and Belle’s palsey paralysis within 2 weeks. Took 1 year to rehab/detox and learn to walk again.BEWARE ADJUVANTS!

  3. Ron Corbyn

    How soon we forget! People were strongly opposed to forced vaccinations back then. Now, they could be rushing to get them and their microchips, thanks to incessant media brainwashing.

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