Europe Rising against Pandemic Scam

Sep 2, 2020

This is a compilation of three videos from London and Berlin recorded on August 29, 2020. Massive and enthusiastic crowds assemble to show their disgust with and defiance of the pandemic scam. Out of tens of thousands, you will see only one person with a mask. David Icke and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. deliver rousing speeches to wild cheers from what appears to be the beginning of a global groundswell of resistance against insanity and corruption in high places. Those who think they are alone in their suspicion of hidden agendas behind the pandemic theater will be encouraged by these scenes. We definitely are not alone. – Source: Red Pill University

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You can view this video from multiple sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if primary sources fail.

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    This is great, but… I think we deserve a better representative of freedom than Icke. He believes – or believed at some point – in reptilians. This guy will never be taken seriously. A simple mention of this fact is enough for the naive believers to shut down and not listen anymore.

    • Maya

      Hint – president Eisenhower, MJ12, Byrd diary, Phil Schneider, Salomon Island – it is not a question of believe or not …..they are here

      • Sam J. Marsala

        Reptilians have been here for a long…long time. Sorry you don’t get it. Most of what people think they know is a lie.

    • Kristin

      Maybe that is why he is still alive..?
      He has been able to write many books and deliver speeches all over the world in the past decades, pointing generations of awake people to the truth hiding in plain sight.

    • flashcraft

      Concerned, you are absolutely correct. Icke is a joke. We really need someone of a more respectable and credible history.

    • Hilton Jacobs

      Perhaps Icke should have said, “figuratively speaking”. Nonetheless, haven’t you ever encountered someone who made your skin crawl? Someone who *literally* , didn’t seem human? Once, after meeting an acquaintance’s boss, I couldn’t help but blurt out, “He seemed like an alien in a human skin.”.

  2. John Wear

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD has documented that the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not exist. The COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax. Fortunately, as this compilation of three videos shows, large numbers of people are seeing through this hoax.

  3. James

    Recently in Australia there was a pregnant woman who was taken into custody with a search warrant on her house because she was trying to organize a peaceful protest through comments online. The perpetrators will profit in huge ways as their agents in key leadership positions use their pandemical powers to strip their country and citizens of anything they can secure (important resources, more positions of power and authority, new laws, etc.) this will pave the way to allow them to maintain control.

  4. Lamin sarjo

    So how are we Africans going to do, hence we have corrupt leaders. We could not be feed even we are dieing

    • Annouchka

      Government is the enemy of the people, do not vote for a leader, be your own leader.

  5. John Jones

    I believe in what I see, and David’s delivery today was spot on, and no doubt helped many to re evaluate their power over the tiny few who’ve chose to ‘rule’ us. Who gives a flying crap if he believes in something you or I don’t? Do you believe in Christianity . . . Islam . . . the Torah? Regardless of your beliefs, there are millions/billions who think you’re a nutcase because you do. Believe what you see/hear today and leave others’ and even your own previous judgments out of the picture. They’re irrelevant.

  6. Genevieve

    I sincerely wish that those that feel they must criticize and debunk David Icke would seriously partake of All his incredibly insightful, provocative, well researched and empowering offerings (in books, workshops and lectures) over the past 30-years. It seems so easy to select one or two items that one feels disdain towards regarding another courageous human being’s tireless campaign of advocating for human dignity and freedom and make pronouncements about their credibility and well-earned respect. Seems to me that it’s easier to be a critic – another form of acquiescence – than to take the time to become a well-informed, conscientious and kind advocate. Consider giving humanity and those that do advocate on our behalf a break.

  7. Rande Young

    Dear Ed Griffin,
    I have been a follower of yours for many years. I saw the wisdom in your assessments about the new world order etc. But I am appalled, to say the least, that you have posted a video of “JOHN F. KENNEDY, JR” speaking in Berlin about COVID 19 in August 2020, on the Red Pill Expo Website. I had the upmost respect for you until this! But this is BS, BOGOUS, NONSENSE!!! fiction, make believe, FAKE NEWS!
    JFK, JR DIED in 1999 in a plane crash with is wife and a friend on their way to a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. It is IMPOSSIBLE that JFK could speak in Berlin in Aug 2020! How can you possibly expect us to believe anything else that is posted on your website after seeing this????
    Your credibility has been destroyed I’m very sorry to say. An explanation is required.

    • edgriffin

      Hello Rande. I am perplexed by your comment. When I read it, I thought: Oh, no. We must have accidentally put the wrong name in the article. It was, of course, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who spoke. How embarrassing! However, when I checked the article, I saw nothing at all about John F. Kennedy. Everything was as it should be, So now I am wondering why you think the name of John F. Kennedy appeared in this article. It may be true, but I do not see where it is. Please tell me where the erroneous reference appears so I can correct it. Thank you.,

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