The Hidden Agenda behind COVID-19 Lockdowns

Aug 22, 2020


Author David Icke reminds us that the coronavirus is a serious threat only to the elderly, and those with preexisting health conditions or compromised immune systems. He argues that lock downs are a monstrous over reaction, and their true purpose is, not to protect health, but to bash the old social and economic system to the point of collapse. He says that those who are vulnerable should be given medical care and protection against infection, but the rest of the population should not be prohibited from working. That practice has sent the economies of entire countries into a tailspin, leading to far more poverty, suffering, and death than the coronavirus. The shocking conclusion is that Virus Hysteria is a psychological weapon to destroy what is left of the old economic system so it can be “reset”, which is code for a cashless society within a totalitarian technocracy in which one percent rules in the name of science, three percent serve as enforcers, and 96% become slaves. 2020 Mar 18 – Source: LondonReal – YouTube (now banned)

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  1. Lorraine

    Love it!
    Some one finally telling the truth!
    More people we’d o wake up.
    I work in the food industry. It is unbelievable how some people are reacting.
    Come in full hasmack outfits! So dumb. Killing their immune system

  2. Peter Webb

    Awesome information, not surprising, but I am convinced it’s about destroying the US as we know it, establishing a one-world government. Creating trillions of dollars of fake money will only accelerate this.

  3. sandy B

    absolutely, dead on. @16:00 Hold back on believing the figures

  4. Brian Reeder

    Read the Holy Bible. It’s all in there. Current events fit prophecies of the “end time” scenario. Don’t believe it? Then find out for yourself. Don’t want to believe it? Not smart to be ignorant. This pandemic was planned and you should know what’s coming. The ultimate choice on everyone’s doorstep. Don’t leave this life without Him.

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