Media Crimes – When Journalists are Propagandists

Mar 11, 2022


This is a collage of video clips from numerous sources, containing personal statements from reporters, editors, and other media professionals. It reveals the dark side of modern journalism. The emerging story is that mainstream news sources have become mouthpieces for propaganda. They favor whoever provides the dominant funding, including governments, corporate advertisers and secret societies. This is far more serious than it sounds, because it creates political illusions, and facilitates the molding of public opinion to support hidden agendas for wars, legalized plunder, criminality in health care, and culture chaos. Most people suspect that this is so, but here is confirmation from those who have personal knowledge. The more important the issue is, (such as wars and pandemics), the more likely it is that we are being deceived. Beware though; after seeing this, you might start questioning what is reported in mainstream news sources.  2022 Mar 10 – StopWorldControl


Click on image to play video.

You can view this video from multiple sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if primary sources fail.

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  1. Alma Sychuk

    I would like to share but its it not only for members.

    How can I share with non-members?

    We need more websites like Red Pill.

  2. Jon Nellis

    You would think that most people already know this truth, that the media is controlled and manipulated. Personally I knew this years ago which is why I turned off the television. It was not hard to discern.

    Purchase the three top “news” magazines, if they still even make them, US NEWS, NEWSWEEK, and NEW AMERICAN, right of the rack. They lay them side by side and go page for page……they are all the same.

    This is a good and informative website, but it needs to be attended too, links and functions are not up and running. Updates seem to be non existent. My home page here is still stuck on January 11th. issues and stories.

    The only reason I got to see this current video is through and E-mail update solicitation telling me it was available. Then I had to type it in the search bar.
    I must admit I am a little perturbed since I made an annual financial commitment up front to access and participate with RPU , yet I have no real access to current issues and I see very little participation….

  3. Jon Nellis

    Problems solved thank you admin.

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