Robert Kennedy, Jr, Speaks the Unspeakable about Vaccines

by | May 18, 2020


Robert Kennedy, Jr. comes out fighting against those in mainstream media and the Internet who are trying to block him from expressing concerns about vaccines. As a lawyer preparing lawsuits against vaccine companies for damages from their products, his research led him to the realization that the industry is criminally corrupt. In this interview by Patrick Bet-David, Kennedy describes what lies have been forced on the public to cover up the corruption and he shows that the truth is the opposite of what we have been told. For example, Kennedy says his research shows: (1) You are more apt to contract a disease from a vaccinated person than one who is not vaccinated! (2) Vaccines kill more people than the diseases do! (3) Vaccines are insanely profitable to the companies that make them, but that is peanuts compared to the profits from selling drugs and devices to treat illnesses that the vaccines cause! The business model of the pharmaceutical industry is, not to make people well, but to treat their symptoms and keep them sick so they will be customers for life! These are just a few of the jaw-dropping facts that Kennedy discovered in documents from the companies themselves. He offers references and sources to verify the accuracy of his statements. It is impossible to make sense of the push for mandatory vaccinations without the information in this interview. The information regarding the CIA’s role in the assassinations of JFK and RFK (his uncle and father) is a startling addition. 2020 May 2 – Source: Valuetainement

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  1. Louise Whiteford

    Thank God for RFK Jr. This information is so important for our children. I have a difficult time trying to get this serious situation across to my large family of nieces, nephews, grand children and others. Keep up the good work! I speak about this to everyone I know. I am now 90 years old so I know about the history of vaccines. I never knew of an autistic child during my childhood or parent years. Then suddenly it was necessary for there to be an Autistic facility in Houston for those children who had succumbed to this awful existence. What was happening?

    • Linda

      God bless you. Americans need to hear this from you and all of today’s culture must relearn the great value of listening to wisdom handed down from those tested….highly aged. I respect the wisdom of those who’ve come before me. Rich, with such depth of perception. Much gratitude for your life.

  2. Ronald

    Those dinner table argumentation sessions may have been where RFK Jr. learned to deflect serious questions and answer questions not asked by the interviewer. Robert is doubtless an adequate litigator, but so what?
    This is rubbish. More useless bull shit.

    • Vince

      @Ronald. Where do you get off? Did we just watch the same interview?

      This content is brilliant and massively informing.

  3. Diane

    Shared! Packed full of information. Once seen, this video will convince anyone who watches why we must protect our children’s and our own bodies from every taking any of these vaccines today. VACCINE REFORM is crucial! OUR VACCINE LAWS MUST BE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND MAKE VACCINE MANUFACTURERS ACCOUNTABLE. In the meantime, NO VACCINES.

    • Mike E

      Ever notice, that the government protects the corporations (they give a lot of money in campaign contributions) and not the people?

  4. Joan Detweiler

    Excellent as this cover so much for those who aren’t listening to anything but CNN and using Google. Sadly their minds are closed and they won’t see this. Only item I disagree with is that seniors are the most vulnerable and thus should be quarantined. I’m well, well into that category. Do not take any pharmaceutical and have avoided vaccines for years. Healthier than many younger and still active in my 80’s. Video was interrupted halfway through.

    • Tamas Hadaszy

      We need to form a coalition against “mandatory” vaccines.

      • Teresa P Jones

        Mandatory vaccines must be stopped. I question whether vaccines work. I have rarely been sick with colds or the flu, I had all of the childhood diseases and have a working immune system. Some of my children are not so lucky. I regret letting them get shots and wonder, “What was I thinking?”
        Getting sick is not as scary as letting fear run your life. The fear of disease is worse than disease.

  5. Darkwing

    It is about time that people speak up and are heard. I have known this for years.

  6. David Montross


  7. DK

    This needs to reach more people….. I’ve known this for 30 years but all I can do is watch as more and more folks are brainwashed and fall into the pits of total control. I pray there will be a GREAT AWAKENING ! Thank You for your work at exposing them and their EVIL.

  8. DLG

    The fact that Mr. Kennedy cannot get this information onto MSM outlets is telling enough. This country is owned by big pharma and we will need to start a revolution to take it back.

  9. howard ruth

    Stay with it Robert your on to something but be careful

  10. Anita

    Brilliant. Talk about following the science…..with an unbiased and ethical eye. Incredibly valid and educative interview.

  11. J. Bacchiocchi

    We need this honesty for humanity to survive.
    Please keep this up !!!

  12. bill ricker

    Excellent with Robert, Jr. Too bad you put him on the spot with LBJ…….the worst President EVER in the USA! Very corrupt and cunning, diabolical.

  13. patty Brown

    Extremely relavent and trustworthy information. I leaned a great deal. Somethings i had researched already and this gave my research credence.

  14. Littlefaith

    Under 1 you are more likely to contract a disease from a vaccinated person ..I have been saying this for years cause it happened to me ..I was in close contact with 2coworkers who were vaccinated at our job that very day. I lost my voice, had flu like symptoms,a cough and it ended in pneumonia!! No one can tell me this didn’t happen

  15. Husker1

    JFK Jr will win a landslide election for POTUS

  16. Em Donelan

    Our family was injured by vaccines in the 70s it’s gratifyong for science and the courts to catch up on the
    criminality and corruption of Big Pharma. Thanks to Kennedy Wakefield and others. They are hero’s.

  17. Désirée L. Röver

    The points that in this article Robert Kennedy Jr comes up with have been my very own conclusions already many years ago.
    Truth is that every honest person investigating (the history of) vaccination and Western patent medicine, has to come up with these same logical results of common sense, independent thinking and thorough researching.
    As a Dutch freelance medical research journalist I have been studying the phenomenon of vaccination since 1996.
    In 2009 I wrote a book (in Dutch) about the HPV vaccines. And I am very sorry to say that all the medical disasters that I then foresaw regarding the adverse events of these particular vaccines, since then have become amply documented reality.
    Vaccination means: One is not vaccinated AGAINST a disease, one is being injected WITH a disease — preferably with 4 or more diseases at the same time…

  18. terry shead

    This guy is great, the truth, can not beat the truth.

  19. Trip Campbell

    Turn to homeopathy and homeopathic remedies which have been proven to outperform pharmaceutical in both malaria and spanish flu. A solid nutritional base is strongly advised.

  20. Jack Edling

    Outstanding information!! His level of detailed knowledge and documentation is without parallel. I also greatly appreciated Bobby’s willingness to give us insight into the Kennedy family life!!

  21. Donald R Scott Jr

    Thank you for speaking about this subject. This information must be revealed.

  22. Angelina

    We were unfortunately brainwashed into getting the swine flu vaccine. After that both my boyfriend and I lost our memories and had trouble thinking. I saw a doctor who sent me to a neurologist who found white spots all over my brain. However, there was nothing they told me to do for it. I was young and never knew how to contact anyone to complain about the vaccine and I was struggling.

    We married and are now in our 60’s and my husband has no memory – and my brain has never worked right since that shot. I’ve had problems for many years. I don’t know what they put in it but it was something that damaged our brains.

    I am very worried about Trump – a globalist puppet who constantly throws the triple six and devil’s triangle that all the globalists throw – will force vaccines on the people. Dershowitz just came out and said by law they can do it. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE REASON WHY THEY WANT AMERICANS DISARMED. I AM CONVINCED THERE IS SOMETHING THEY’RE TRYING TO INJECT PEOPLE WITH THAT WILL DESTROY THEIR THINKING ABILITIES OR SOMETHING ELSE. WE ALL KNOW THE CORONAVIRUS IS A PSYOP. THERE IS A REASON WHY THE GLOBALISTS WANT TO INJECT US SO BADLY.


    • jane

      Many see that there is a grander scheme to the actions of the governments “good deeds.” However, it seems many are hesitant to stand up. They either still have too much to lose or think someone else will defend them. Thanks for sharing your story. I am also vaccine injured.

  23. Mary

    I have had 3 vaccines in my 79 yrs. One in 1979 for tetanus with no adjuvants like mercury or aluminum and one in 1992 for the flu and I thought I would die from it and one in 2004 for tetanus which turned out to be a dpt shot. Again I got a clot in my neck and a massive reaction. The concept of vaccines is good in that a small dose of the virus without any additives has the immune system activated, builds up an immunity to that virus and should ward off any future like kind virus. When vaccines first came out it was touted as a once in a life time shot to activate the immune system against it. The polio vaccine came out as polio was dying out. Most people are unaware that no vaccines have been tested for safety for about 32 years and congress back in the 70’s or 80’s relieved Big Pharma from any liability to harm caused by the vaccine. If you were injected with arsenic you could not sue them you would have to go to the Vaccine Injury Court and be compensated by them if you win your case. Big Pharma also tells the CDC how many vaccines must be given starting at birth. How many people are aware of this criminal action going on against them. Thank you Robert you are a very brave person to bring this information to the masses against such animosity by the main stream media towards you.

  24. GKS

    I admire Robert F. Kennedy Jr., his message and his persistance to make it known. I will promote this video to many people. As soon as a person is blacklisted from public airways, I know they have become a threat to the status quo and those who intend to control populations away from self-determined thought. I judge the rightness or wrongness of a person by their deeds and whether the outcome of those deeds harm or help. I disagree with only one thing Robert said. I do not believe Bill Gates is well intended. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, the harm he is creating and that he is intending to quietly reduce the population of the world in the name of “Population Control”. Gates is covert whereas Hitler was loud.

  25. turtle

    Study 3 years for degree
    Study 3 more for PhD.
    Join lab. Start working.
    Spend years studying problem.
    Form hypothesis, gather evidence.
    Test hypothesis, form conclusions.
    Report findings, clear peer review.
    Findings published, reported in press.
    Ronald says: “Bullshit.”

    • Tony Sellen

      Thank you both for standing up to this monster. In 1992 I went to the Dr for a few stitches in my hand, they insisted that I needed a current tetanus shot. I went home and went to bed, woke up three days later. I was sick, running a fever, my arm looked like I have 1/2 a football under my skin, and when I discovered what day it was I was mad as hell. I went back to the Dr and demanded answers, they said that occasionally people have adverse reactions to the mercury in the shots (MURCURY?); they never know for sure how people will respond. They then showed me the warning label for the vaccine, I would have never allowed the shot if I would have been shown the label to begin with. I have never had a shot since.
      Grocery stores in my area now give you a 10% discount on groceries if you get the flu shot. It is amazing that drug companies now have to pay people to get their flu vaccination, and yet no one questions how or why this makes economic sense? I continually ask for my shot in the bottle so I can get the discount on groceries, has never happened yet.
      I now know why a Dr has a license to practice medicine. They never warranty anything they do, never are accountable for any adverse reaction you may have to their treatment, and never refund any fees charged if their attempts fail.

  26. Atlantean Wizard

    Not likely. Optics (public perception) are a very important consideration of any candidate when it comes to selectability. Many people do not understand (or care) about his medical condition (Spasmodic dysphonia) of his vocal chords which unfortunately makes him come across as weak/frail/disabled and an ineffective leader. Obviously its not true, but perception by the masses (both educated and uneducated) is everything, and this would prevent many from choosing him as a presidential choice.

  27. gordon claycomb-retired aerospace engineer.

    The 3rd biggest killer of US citizens is called IATRAGENIC deaths. You can rightly be suspicious. It is MEDICALLY caused deaths!……In 1957, I was given 4 inoculations by the USAF at Greenville AFB in MS. Each one contained ThiMERasol. The MER = Mercury=Hg -an extremely toxic heavy metal. Described as an adjuvant-another suspicious word in lieu of “intended vaccine enhancement”. Within 2wks, I came down with GBS & facial paralysis-Spent 1yr recovering. 3 months bedridden, turned 21.Naturopath Md had hair analyzed for Hg & teeth fillings with amalgam(more HG).EDTA removed it. 84 now with healthy immune system. Father refused all medical RX’s. smoked 80 yrs-died at 96. Considered Medics dangerous! Me too!

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