Why did Bill Gates Switch from Software to Vaccines?

Dec 31, 2020


The answer is given in the first 60 seconds of this documentary when Gates says the investment return on vaccines is 20 to 1. But the story does not end there. Beyond incredible profits there is the lure of power over the entire human race, even to using vaccines delivered by mosquitoes to reduce population. This is the madman who is shaping the future of humanity. 
2020 Dec 28 – Source: Truth Comes to Light 


You can view this video from several sources. Cached versions are adjusted for optimum quality, if needed, and they provide access if original sources fail.

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  1. Winner

    Excellent presentation, thank you!

  2. Jon Nellis

    Bile, no surprise, but still unable to retain the bile in my throat. These evil behemoths are unstoppable unless you simply OPT OUT of their system. JUST SAY NO THANK YOU.

    The answer is still simple, not easy, but simple. Take control of yourselves, and then link up with neighbors, and perhaps leading by example small neighborhood groups will succeed and villages and towns will follow at the county level you draw the line while over site and administration are still manageable.

    Feed yourselves, not from the stores. Make do with what you have, and forego the luxuries of no intrinsic value. Make it yourselves, share it with each other in a fair, just and equable manner. Stop working for them and work for yourselves. It is your LIBERTY to choose, take and keep it or surrender it, YOU are responsible. YOU make the CHOICE. No ONE is taking it from YOU.

    Slowly, a little at a time, and before you know it you will not be in debt, and on your way to self reliance, insulated from the foibles of the corrupt system. The feeling of LIBERTY is indescribable……slowly and deliberately make a plan and stick to it. You will not need their permission. You will be able to say NO Thank you, I’m Good and on the way you will find a lot of good people just like you, low quiet, under the radar, helping each other.

    Buy, trade, work, plan, by the year, not the week. Half a cow, half a pig, stock pile the canned goods and prepare your own weekly menu at home. Save BIG money just with your diet. Start producing your own goods concurrently. Soon enough you will see, it is worth it, and it is LIBERATING.

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